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Custom designed and built to suit whatever the requirements may be. We offer a large range of quality gate motors, digital key pads, loop detectors and many other security devices that may be required.
 King 240V & King Long 240V

Irreversible Operator for Swing Gates.

The King 240V are heavy duty, appropriate for small or large applications from homes or apartment blocks to large company premises. Capable of operating solid gates with wind loading.

Features include:
  • Heavy duty 240V motor for up to 500kg each gate.
  • Modern stylish design.Extra heavy duty 3 thread endless screw & casing.
  • Mechanical components lubricated using special synthetic grease. 
  • Double helical impact proof gear. 
  • Maximum silence, strength & reliability on large or heavy gates up to 4.5 metres each leaf. 
  • East key manual release.
  • Optional pedestrian mode & slow down.

24V Operator for Swing Gates

The Prince is a state of the art low voltage swing gate operator, ideal for residential applications. The Prince is class leading no other system on the market has as many features.
Features include:
  • No bulky square boxes with clumsy folding arms.
  • Modern sleek design, enhancing appearance of gate. 
  • Manufactured in Italy by one of the world's largest leading gate manufacturers. 
  • Requiring no ground stops in the open position. 
  • Adjustable slow down in open & closed position for smooth, safe operation. 
  • Easy manual release via a key. 
  • Fully automatic adjusting load control set and forget. 
  • Auto reverse upon contact with an obstruction, meeting European & American regulations. 
  • Innovative "ABIS" anti intrusion alarm system. The ABIS system detects any attempted forced entry. Upon detection the control board automatically operates the motors to counter the movement and prevent forced entry. At the same time it will automatically activate an optional sound alarm. 
  • Optional pedestrian mode. 
  • Optional back up battery with up to 90 cycles in case of power failure all in the same control box.
  • Optional solar kit.
 DEA OLI 603 Swinging Gate Operator 1

Hydraulic piston gate operator 270mm stroke, 230V ac, with two locks in closing and opening position.
Suitable for leafs up to 2 m or 4 m long

 Hydraulic FAAC 400 1

The Model 400 heavy duty hydraulic swing gate operator is specifically designed for situations needing maximum versatility, such as apartment, subdivision, commercial & industrial, and certain residential applications.